Postgraduate Students and Ph.D. Candidates Association of the Faculty of Philology (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

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Welcome to the page of the Postgraduate Students and Ph.D. Candidates Association of the Faculty of Philology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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The Association was established in 2000. Every postgraduate student and Ph.D. candidate of the faculty of Philology is considered a member of the Association. The aim of the Association is to protect the rights its members and to promote their benefits.

The Association is administrated by the Administration Committee (A.C.). The members of the A.C. are elected once a year and they provide their service for the duration of a single year. The members of A.C. are students’ representatives of (potentially) every department of the Faculty. The members-representatives are responsible for representing the students in the department and faculty meetings.

The postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates of the Faculty can communicate with the members of the A.C. for every matter. The Association may then act collectively in order to take care of the matter and support the students.

The Association also organizes workshops and conferences. The Athens Postgraduate Students and Ph.D. Candidates Conference of the Faculty of Philology is organized by the Association biennially since 2001. Moreover, the Association supervises the publication of the scientific journal Erophile (Ερωφίλη) (focused on Modern Greek Literature).

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